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Prevent frauds. Build trust. Accelerate business growth.

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20% of the profit of Upline Solutions will be proportionally divided between all token holders.

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stage 1
stage 2
МLM industry
$200 billion
annual revenue
of Network Marketing industry
100 million
people are
1 million
people join
every month

Imagine, if Upline provides its product to only 5% of this market?

Is it much or little?

Look, 5% of the market is 5 mln users. The average price of our product is 10€ monthly. It makes 50 mln of monthly revenue or 600 mln annually.

So what does it mean for me as an investor?

Well, of the 600 mln it’s safe to say roughly half aka 300 mln is profit, and as you know Upline divides 20% of profit which is 60 mln proportionally among all token holders annually.

So the more tokens I have the more of the 60 mln is my share?

Yes, and this is IN ADDITION to the growth of the token price, which you can sell any time after token is public :)

Wooow… how can I hop aboard?

Here’s the link.

Welcome to the Upline family!

We have already released the product and started to make a profit
ICO will help us to improve the service and make it accessible worldwide as well as speed up creating the ecosystem around it.
This in turn increases the profit as well as the income of investors.
A powerful tool for working in network marketing
We have combined all the necessary functions into one system, which suits both beginners and experienced leaders.
The Mission

Our mission is to simplify achieving success in business and accelerate growth.

The Vision

Our vision is to provide the most effective, duplicable turn-key solutions for networkers of every level and Network Marketing companies of any caliber.

Why choose Upline

  • Simplify work process
  • Increase duplication
  • Reduce fear of rejection
  • Increase authenticity, quality and speed of info transmission
  • Have an overview and statistics of the sales process
  • Be notified to take action via SMS and Google calendar
2015 MAR
Idea and initial
team assembly
2016 FEB
First test product /
Feedback phase
2016 MAR
Growing in-house team
and developing MVP
2016 DEC
Upline MVP demo /
Feedback from powerusers
2017 JUNE
Upline 3.0 release /
fully customizable solution
2017 JULY
ICO preparation starts
2018 Jan
Start of public token pre-sale
2018 FEB-MAR
Start of public token crowdsale
2018 APR-May
Upline token presented on
public exchanges / Global
scaling starts
Read our whitepaper in order to learn
more about Upline, the token and the team.